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Gai, Goffer, Yahav, Guilman, Udem & Co.

Gai, Goffer, Yahav, Guilman, Udem & Co. is an Israeli CPA firm which, since 1981, offers auditing, accounting, consulting and other business services. The Firm, which is incorporated as a private company, employs a total of about 50 persons – 8 partners along with a large number of staff personnel, which include CPAs, economists, tax consultants and others. The diversified range of professional skills of the Firm’s partners and staff members allows for provision of wide-ranging service that answers the needs of all the Firm’s clients.

Our Advantage

International Presence

HLB The Global Advisory and Accounting Network

In 2003, our Firm joined HLB The Global Advisory and Accounting Network, a worldwide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. The network, which was founded in 1969, currently operates in more than 150 countries and is ranked among the largest CPA and consulting networks in the world. 27,500 people are employed within the network, working out of 745 offices. The network set as its goal, and carefully monitors, provision of local service at the highest professional level, while affording access to the resources deriving from the on-line channel of communication with its headquarters office (which is located in London and which coordinates its international activities) as well as with each of the member firms throughout the world. The member firms in the HLB network are well-established and long-standing offices having high local standards that developed their practices based on knowledge, contacts and extensive experience. Our membership in the international network as well as our commitment to its policies testifies to both the level of our local practice plus our ability to provide an appropriate response to the international needs of our clients. Such policies, which are consistently applied by all the networks’ members, ensure our ability to provide efficient and personal services worldwide. Local and international tax planning, development of applications for computerized information systems, assistance to investors with respect to obtaining grants and tax benefits and others.


During the years we have accumulated considerable experience in a wide variety of activities, such as: auditing of financial statements of private and public companies, accompanying as accountants the process of issuing marketable securities in Israel and overseas (the US and the UK), mergers, management of companies under court supervision, due diligence examinations for prospectuses, due diligence examinations for acquisition of private companies, work for municipalities and governmental authorities, business consultation, valuations of business enterprises, local and international tax planning, assistance to investors with respect to obtaining grants and tax benefits and others.

Our Expertise

The Firm’s partners have expertise in the areas of accounting, auditing, taxation, business consulting, EDP systems, as well as other tangentially related areas. The close relationship between the partners and the clients together with their particular specializations enables our Firm to respond effectively to all of the clients’ various and different needs. Our clients are engaged in most business sectors, ranging from small businesses to enterprises having an annual turnover reaching into the hundreds of millions of shekels. In addition, to our business-sector clients, our Firm serves various government ministries and departments, municipalities and non-profit organizations.

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