HLB International

HLB International

Founded in 1969, HLB International http://www.hlbi.com is a worldwide organization of professional accounting firms with members and correspondents in over 100 countries. Ranked in the top of 12 largest accounting and business advisory groups worldwide, annual billings are $972 million, represented by more than 1,430 partners and 9,900 staff in over 400 offices worldwide.

HLB firms are well established firms of high local standing, who have developed their practices on the basis of their strong local knowledge and contacts. In consequence, our international identity, whether on letter headings, business cards or audit opinions reflects, intentionally, a combination of the HLB and local names. This identity, applied consistently throughout the world, distinguishes us from the Big 4 accounting groups.

It emphasizes the strength of both the international organization and the local firm, at the same time, demonstrating the close bond between the two. This bond is illustrated by the way we conduct international business. The “lead” firm co-ordinates the professional services provided to the client internationally, maintaining close contact with HLB firms around the world, supervising the work and identifying and solving problems as they occur. In this way, HLB provides clients with a high level of personal service, supplied at both the local and international levels.

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