External Financial Audits

We conduct audits and reviews in accordance with both Israeli and international generally accepted auditing standards, with maximum emphasis being placed on professionalism and objectivity. Our firm has accumulated extensive experience in the performance of external audits for a wide range of public, private, governmental and municipal companies, as well as for non-profit organizations.

Our audit department is made up of professionals having the relevant expertise and experience enabling them to provide the highest professional services. Aside from the purpose of expressing an opinion on the financial statements, we place significant emphasis on producing added value to the client in order to achieve greater efficiency and better management, improve the economic results and enhance the effectiveness of the production and operational processes.

We are committed to provision of professional service, for complete satisfaction of the client, to the use of advanced technological tools, employing skilled professional team and to the preservation and continual improvement of the professional capabilities of our personnel.

In the performance of our work, we emphasize the provision of recommendations for achieving greater efficiency, improving management processes within the organization, and improving the system of internal control along with the business’ current operations. Two partners head the Audit Department.

Internal Audits

Our Firm provides internal audit services to public and private entities.

The information accumulated in the course of the internal audits serves our clients as an effective tool for analyzing and evaluating the organization’s various operating units. The scope of the internal audit work includes analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the organization’s departments, and it provides evaluations, analysis, recommendations and advice that are relevant to the matters examined – all of this at a reasonable cost. One partner is in charge of our lnternal Audit Department, who is, among other things, a member of the lnstitute of lnternal Auditors in Israel.

Tax Services

Identifying Resource Saving Opportunities

The system of taxation in Israel is undergoing a process of continuous change. By means of analysis of the business environment in which the client operates along with its internal structure, we assess the existing tax position and identify opportunities for application of strategies that will result in a significant saving of resources to the client.

We offer a full range of tax services to corporations and individuals. We endeavor to reduce the tax burden imposed on our clients by means of application of those provisions of the law which are relevant to the particular business situation and structure. We provide planning and consultations with respect to the design of the adequate corporate structure and advice in connections with reporting to the tax authorities regarding a wide range pf issues facing corporations and/or individuals. We work in close cooperation with the clients in order to develop and apply strategies designed to reduce the applicable tax burden.

Our Tax Consulting Department, which is headed by two partners, is up-to-date regarding all the changes made to the system of taxation in Israel. The Tax Department activities break down into three main categories: Corporate tax, International tax and Individual tax. We use updated and comprehensive databases, take part in professional seminars on an ongoing basis and are in constant contact with leading experts in the area. All of the above-mentioned items are intended to permit us to provide a proper and quick response to our clients’ requests, in an area that demands up-to-date information, alertness and creativity. Our clients are well aware of the great benefits they stand to reap from the information in our possession by means of our examination of their business decisions and of our ability to optimize the tax consequences applying to them. We are in the practice of carefully examining all the relevant tax aspects with the goal of assisting the client in complying with the relevant statutory requirements while, within such framework, making maximum efforts to find legally viable ways to minimize, to greatest extent possible, the applicable tax burden.

Tax services provided by our firm:

  • Handling current tax matters (decrease/increase of advance tax deposits, exemptions from withholding of tax at source).
  • Tax calculations, audits of companies tax returns and the filing thereof with the tax authorities.
  • By use of our on-line connection to the computer database of the various tax authorities – filing of reports, clarifications of the status of accounts, etc.
  • Tax consulting and planning for companies and individuals.
  • Particular area of specialization – planning and representation regarding Real Estate Tax and contractors’ tax, including income tax and Land Betterment Tax.
  • Representation before the tax authorities.
  • International taxation for companies and individuals, including examination of impact of international tax treaties.
  • Tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Opinions with respect to tax issues
  • Handling requests for advance ruling from the tax authorities.
  • Individual taxation.
  • Handling refunds of income tax, Value Added Tax and other taxes.
  • Taxation of employee stock options.

    Additional Services

    Foreign Investor Services

    Owing to the extensive professional experience we have accumulated, the far-reaching array of contacts between our partners and foreign clients plus our membership in the HLB network, our Firm represents foreign investors and serves as trustee in connection with passive investments (such as real estate and other rental properties). Our partners also serve as members of Boards of Directors of several companies.

    Establishing New Businesses

    Our Firm has many years of experience providing consultation to clients in connection with establishment of new business in most economic areas of activity. In the framework of these consulting services we assist the entrepreneur regarding the choice of the organizational and legal structure for the business, formulation of a business plan, obtaining financing from government, private and other financial sources, and the relevant tax aspects (income tax, VAT, National lnsurance and other taxes).

    Our firm’s outsourcing services (accounting, management, payroll calculations, VAT reports, etc.) help our clients, especially foreign customers, to meet the legal and tax requirements in Israel.

    Business Valuations

    We provide business valuation services by means of well-trained personnel who apply the most up-to-date and relevant valuation models. The valuation services are intended, among other things, to support purchase and/or sale decisions made by business entrepreneurs.
    The types of valuations we perform include:

    • Valuations for acquisitions, sales and/or mergers of businesses.
    • Support in deliberations regarding disputes between partners, representation of the rights of minority shareholders in companies.
    • Review and evaluation of the reliability of examinations and reports submitted by third parties.
    • lndependent consulting with respect to transfer of rights in shares of related parties.

    Due Diligence

    Our Firm has many years of experience performing due diligence examinations, both as a service to underwriters of public offerings, as well as a decision support for private investments.

    In the examinations performed for purposes of private investments, we place particular emphasis on the potential investor’s order of priorities and we integrate different examination processes and methods which are required in order to provide a basis for our ultimate opinion.

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